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Young Mountaineering Club

YMC is made up of the young and the young-at-heart. What distinguishes YMC from other mountaineering groups is that we are DAREing. We are DETERMINED to accomplish various intellectual and physical challenges. We are ADVENTUROUS, we continually seek unusual and exciting experience. We are RESPONSIBLE, we left nothing but footprints, butt impressions and other unmentionable biodegradable stuffs, took nothing but pictures, killed nothing but time and our toenails, and kept nothing but memories. We are ENERGETIC, we have the stamina to conquer anything. Warning: this club is not for the faint of heart:)

Get to know the daredevils by clicking on the Profiles. If you want to read about their destinations, click Travel Logs, there's also a few photos to whet your appetites. If you plan to have your own adventures, it doesn't hurt to read about the basics in Guide & Tips. Wanna see us in action? View our Gallery for our Kodak moments and the not-so-Kodak moments. For the disclaimer, acknowledgement, references, links and development tools, view the Site Info.

Let yourself be heard by signing our Guestbook. But if you just want to let us know that you've been here without providing any comments and suggestions, just post your name on our Guest Map. If you want to interact with us or with other visitors of this site, go to Forum. To report technical, typographical, grammatical, semantical and other kinds of errors, email the webmaster.

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