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This site was designed and created exclusively for YMC by me. The text in Profile, Gallery, Travel Logs and this page were also written by me, while the photos are all taken by either me, YMC members (including the Xtras), or one of our tour guides. Some of the text and maps in Guide & Tips were taken from other sites on the web as well as other sources. Please see reference section of this page to see the complete listing of my sources. If you own any text or graphic found in this site and was not acknowledged in the reference section, please inform me about it. Moreover, if you ever plan to use any of the original text and graphics found in this site, please have the courtesy to acknowledge us.

I have made every effort to ensure the correctness of the information in this site, so I'm not liable for any travel problems caused by possible errors or omissions.

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I want to thank the following persons / institutions for making this site possible:

Le Tibati, for his scanner, installers, valuable suggestions and for being my moon that shines during my darkest hour when my sun isn't around; Mama Vicky & Papa Rey, for their wholehearted support; Hotshot & Cutie, for their generosity, Apolito, for his chumminess and photographic memory; Melody, for his travel guides; Deep Blue, for bearing with my kakulitan; Ross ni Ibay, for the video transfer; Bruha, my grammar consultant; Our Tour Guides, for getting us there; Sandman, for the dreams and the nightmares; Mr. Jens Peters, for giving me the permission to use the maps and the abridged version of his travel guide; Tripod, for its free web-based services; Bravenet, for hosting my guestbook, hit counter, and forum; Blast, for its inexpensive, secure and fast instant internet access; 88.3 FM, for keeping me company.

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Printed Materials:
  • ACTION ASIA ADVENTURE TRAVEL GUIDE. Robert Houston, AAP Limited, Hong Kong, 1999.
  • LONELY PLANET, PHILIPPINES. Russell Kerr, Lonely Planet Publications, Australia, 2001.
  • PHILIPPINES ROAD ATLAS & STOPOVER GUIDE, LUZON EDITION. United Tourist Promotions, Angeles City, Philippines, 2001.
  • PHILIPPINES TRAVEL GUIDE. Jens Peters, Jens Peters Publications, Germany, 2001.
Web Sources
  • Background Music - CHINESE DANCE from the Nutcracker Suite by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky.

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Development Tools

One thing good about being a bum is that you have all the time to spend on your hobbies. I've wanted to try web designing but I just didn't have the time and the appropriate topic. This is my first attempt in creating and designing a site, so it's not that impressive. The contents of this site are static. This was put together using the following tools:

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4: for those who hate to memorize html tags and their attributes, but still have pop-up menus, image rollovers and flash buttons.
Macromedia Fireworks 4 & Adobe Photoshop: for graphic editing and optimization, and background images.
Macromedia Flash MX: for the animations.

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