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2000 - Baguio, Sagada, Bontoc, Banaue
The Mansion: Pitangskers with one of her Close-Up Smile :D
Mines View Park

Philippine Military Academy: Hotshot & Pitangskers with their identical smiles :D

Balatoc Mines: Choobaka we're not in the tunnel yet!
Halsema Road's Highest Point
Bontoc Museum
Cordillera's cliffside roads
Sagada: Dining in style :) Yummy!
Taking a break en route to Bangaan

Our trip to Sumaging Cave and Sugong, Sagada (last 3 photos), was not captured on film. One of us, unfortunately, forgot to load the camera. Yes people, it did happen to us. *Sigh* Imagine all those wasted poses.

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Save the indigenous people of Batad!
Bangaan Rice Terraces
Sumaging Cave
Sumaging Cave's Pool
Sagada's Hanging Coffins
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