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Video Captures
Into the pit of Sumaging
Lick it!
Making our way down the cave
Impressive flowstones
Guiding our way down the slippery flowstones
Curtain-like rock formations
Stalactite formations
Hanging on to a shaky rope
Squeezing ourselves into crevices
Wading through icy pools
Stalagmite formation dubbed as the rice terraces
Finally emerging from the cave unscathed
Sugong Coffins
Posing for the empty camera Ü
Bangaan Rice Terraces
Varrying terrains: on our way to Batad
At the bottom of the village
Amphitheater-like rice terraces of Batad
Tinongchal coffins
Setting up our tent
Pulog's Summit
A view from the summit: descending clouds
Trail from the summit
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